Surgeries and Biopsies: Prep/Recovery

Cancer Surgery/Biopsies Preparations and Recovery Protocols   Preparing for Pre and Post Surgery is by far the best thing you can do to help you get through such an invasive ordeal.  By preparing for your surgery you can dramatically reduce your risks of Infections, Re-Occurrences, Spreading of the Cancer, Side Effects, Inflammation and Down Time.  …

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Can Coconut Oil Kill You?

The recent headlines about coconut oil say that because it’s higher in saturated fat than beef or lard, it’s bad for you. “You’ll drastically increase the chances of cardiovascular disease if you eat it because saturated fat raises cholesterol, which leads to heart disease and mortality.” That kind of warning comes from the American Heart …

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How much training does your Oncologist have in Nutrition?

Discover with Dr. Foster of Post Chemo Nutrition what he uncovers from multiple studies and research papers on how much education a traditional medical doctor has in the field of nutrition. you may be shocked at what you find out! If you feel your Oncologist knows everything related to cancer you definitely want to watch …

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Breast Cancer and Curcumin

Watch with Dr. Foster of Post Chemo Nutrition as he goes over a study from the Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research titled “Curcumin: The Spicy Modulator of Breast Carcinogenesis”. Can be found at: Discover the amazing benefits of curcumin on breast cancer prevention from this research article.   TRANSCRIPT: Curcumin and breast …

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Mitochondria dysfunction – extreme fatigue, cancer and overall health

Discover with Dr. Foster, of Post Chemo Nutrition, a review journal on how your Mitochondria dysfunction may play a major role in FATIGUE, CANCER, DIABETES, FIBROMYALGIA, SCHIZOPHRENIA, BIPOLAR DISEASE, REPRODUCTIVE ISSUES, CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE, NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASES and overall HUMAN HEALTH according to a medical review from the BBA clinical 1 (2014) 12-23 titles “Association of mitochondrial …

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Top Cancer Causing Carcinogens

What exactly is a carcinogen… Basically a carcinogen is any substance, nuclear atom, or radiation that promotes the formation of cancer. There are 4 Classes of these Carcinogens: Group 1 = Carcinogenic to humans   things like Alcohol, Asbestos, Arsenic, Benzene (found in gasoline, dyes, detergents, drugs, pesticides, glues, cleaning products and adhesives),  Coal, Diesel engine …

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Cocoa – A Balanced Part of an Anti-Cancer Diet

Cocoa – Eat Or Not To Eat As Part Of An Anti-Cancer Diet? Having had many of my patients go through radiation and/or chemotherapy, they are often left with a strict boring diet hoping they can eat something that is healthy and enjoyable at the same time. Read on to learn more about Cocoa and …

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Best Cancer Fighting Foods and Nutrients

Best top anticancer foods and nutrition for prevention and fighting cancer naturally after going through chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
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Cancer Causing Foods

Most Common Cancer Causing Foods Janes Story Jane had finished with chemotherapy about 1 year ago. Unfortunately, ever since having had completed with Chemotherapy, she has been left feeling extremely weak with severely low energy. She also continued to suffer from chronic depression and severe brain fog where she has been unable to think clearly or …

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Fatty Acids And Cancer

Fatty Acids and Cancer The Good, The Bad and The Ugly   Do you wonder the answers to these fatty acids and cancer questions?  Let’s dive in! What kind of fatty acids are good and safe to eat after going through Radiation or Chemotherapy? Did you know that there are GOOD FATS that are CRITICAL for optimal …

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Cachexia, Weight Loss and Cancer

CACHEXIA, WEIGHT LOSS AND CANCER Have you or a loved one gone through cachexia, weight loss and cancer? Do you feel like your doctor isn’t giving you the best advice on how to gain healthy weight after having gone through cancer treatments? You hear conflicting ideas and suggestions and don’t know what to do or …

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