"I end up working with lots of doctors with my career, and so I see all kinds of different bedside manner. The most common thing I see, is that the doctor is always in a hurry. Dr Dylan is different in that he really cares about helping people feel better, and takes the time necessary to make you feel like you're his only patient."

Jim F.

“Dr. Foster is a kind and intelligent doctor who feels deeply for those under his care. The people under his watchful eye are truly blessed".

Scott B.

"My friends can’t even recognize who I am.  I have so much energy, I can remember things… I have my life back…thank you so much Dr. Foster"


"WOW. Words can’t express how thankful I am for all that you have done for my health and consequently my life.  I remember when I first started at your clinic I barely had enough energy to drive over there. I was ready to go on IV’s because eating was so painful.  I could barely work and was sick in bed for many days.  Now I’m working up to 4 days a week, eating all sorts of wonderful and amazing foods, and dancing around the kitchen and country bar dance floors.  I am praising God immensely and asking him to bless you greatly for all you’ve done for me and so many others!  Praying also that he will bless you as you transition into a new chapter.”

Andie M.

“I highly recommend Dr. Foster and his staff! They are so awesome and help many people reverse their conditions!”

Paola F.

"I am impressed with all the research that Dr. Foster did regarding health and wellness".

Alan M.

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