Some people are unable to detox, no matter what they do, try or take, if they are having low mitochondrial function. Therefore it is always ideal to start with Cell Revive to get the energy to your cells to be able to detox.  About one week later is a great time to include Bindatox into your regimen.  Bindatox is designed to aid in attracting, grabbing, holding onto and removing many heavy metals and toxins from the body.  Many of which are gotten from radiation and chemotherapy.    Optimal results are typically seen within 6 to 18 months and it is ideal to use lab work for inflammation markers, heavy metals and more with your health care provider to know when to stop.

A unique blend of proven ingredients designed with a 2 step process:

  1. Pull out and grab toxins from within your cells, tissues and organs.
  2. Attach to those toxins and remove them from your body.  (most detox products don’t have binding agents to remove them from your body once they are pulled out of your cells so they just get to relocate elsewhere.)

Bindatox contains possibly the best array of detoxing and binding nutrients available, all in 1 product.  No more buying 4 to 7 different products, now get them all in one with Bindatox.  Containing proper levels of Zeolites, Activated Charcoal, Chlorella, Alginic Acid, Citrus Pectin, Fulvic and Humic Acid.

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