Our HEALTH ASSESSMENT Helps You Understand
Where You Are At, How Much Improvement Is Possible and When You Can Stop Taking Supplements

Have you ever wondered if it's normal to feel like you do after everything you've been through? You're not alone, and that is exactly why we created this assessment.

Our HEALTH ASSESSMENT will help you access your functional health score, and help you see where you rate for overall health and wellness. This Assessment is designed to score your overall health from 0 to 100 to see your subjective level of health.

25 Questions
Will take about 10 minutes to complete
Get your score instantly!

It is important to see your progress so you don't waste Time, Money or Energy!

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What is your after Radiation or Chemotherapy Health Score?

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  • Rate each of the following symptoms to the best of your ability based upon your typical health profile since you have been through chemotherapy or radiotherapy and/or the past 6 months.


This Post Chemo Health Quiz is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any type of disease or condition.  It is merely a health quiz designed by Dr. Dylan Foster to help give you a consistently subjective evaluation of your overall health.

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