Natural Support for Mitochondrial Health

Mito Life is designed to help support mitochondrial biogenesis, which involves the formation of new mitochondria and increasing their density (total number). Mitochondria are the “energy generators”inside our cells. They are the physical site where energy is created—the energy that powers everything we do, whether that’s running or biking, or all the processes that go on inside us that we don’t even think about,such as blinking, breathing, and the heart beating.

Mitochondria are the “machines”that convert carbohydrates, fats and other fuels into energy. A greater number of healthy mitochondria may facilitate a greater capacity to utilize these fuels, which translates into more energy as well as a greater potential to burn fat for energy, rather than storing it as body fat. However, in producing energy, mitochondria also naturally produce damaging free radicals, so they require sufficient antioxidant support to protect themselves.

Supporting proper mitochondrial health and mitochondrial biogenesis is critical for efficient metabolism, sustained energy levels, normal functioning of the nervous system, and overall healthy aging.

Mito Life Highlights

• Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) – a water-soluble, vitamin-like compound, although not a vitamin it-self. It is an enzyme co-factor that exerts antioxidant effects and helps stimulate the synthesis of new mitochondria. While the body cannot make PQQ, it can be found in a variety of foods including parsley, green tea, green peppers, kiwi and papaya, but supplemental amounts may be warranted for some individuals.
• Rhodiola rosea – a popular adaptogenic herb, assisting the body in mounting a healthy response to stress. Rhodiola rosea is a powerful herb for enhancing mitochondrial energy production and helps protect against oxidative stress.

Recommended Use

• As a dietary supplement, take one capsule per day, or as directed by a health care practitioner.
• It is best to avoid taking Mito Life close to bedtime, due to it's energizing effect.

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