Natural Support for Healthy Energy Production

Mito Cell is a synergistic blend of nutrients, nutraceuticals and botanicals designed to supportthe mitochondria, nicknamed the “powerhouse of the cell.” This amazing cell component is primarily responsible for producing energy (adenosine triphosphate or ATP) for cells and associated tissues. The mitochondria are actually responsible for producing more than 90 percent of the body’s required energy. When energy is readily available, the metabolism – the sum of chemical reactions in the body - is boosted and the natural aging process is decelerated.  Efficient, optimally functioning mitochondria can support ideal energy levels, body composition, and overall vitality and health.

Why support the mitochondria?

The world we live in today is riddled with environmental and food toxins. Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, radiation, smog, smoke and preservatives, to name a few, have damaging effects on all of our cells. Exposure to these toxins can encourage harmful free radicals to accumulate in our bodies. Free radicals create a destructive chain reaction in our cells, leading to compromised cell function that robs us of our health and vitality. As we age,
the ongoing exposure to free radicals causes deterioration of the mitochondria. This deprives other cellular components of energy and subsequently, accelerates their destruction, causing them to function less effectively.

Supporting healthy mitochondria and energy production helps optimize energy levels, while protecting cells from destruction and aging. Additionally, healthy mitochondria within the brain cells can help support optimal brain health and wellness.


• Coenzyme Q10 – A critical component of energy (ATP) production
• L-carnitine and pantethine – Aid in shuttling fatsfrom the bloodstream into the mitochondria, where they are converted into energy
• Alpha lipoic acid and B vitamins – Assist various enzymes that function in the energy-producing pathways of the body
• Malic and succinic acids - Specific components of the Krebs cycle, oe of the main energy-producing pathways in the mitochondria
• Creatine – Supports additional energy production; necessary for healthy mitochondria
• Resveratrol and curcumin – Botanicalsthat encourage the natural production of additional mitochondria within the cell

Recommended Use

As a dietary supplement, take two capsules per day with meals, or as directed by your health care practitioner (divided dosing

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