Colon cancer aka Ass Cancer is the 3rd leading cause of death from cancer. Prevention and new treatments are being researched regularly with the goal of less cytotoxicity. Follow along with Dr. Dylan Foster of Post Chemo Nutrition as he reviews a study from the Journal of Nutrition and Cancer ( and how they state “Our current data suggest that the combination of curcumin and resveratrol could be an effective preventive/therapeutic strategy for colon cancer.” This is why Dr. Foster has these and other researched ingredients in his 2 products made specifically for cancer survivors – Cell Revive and Bindatox.


Today’s topic is on colon cancer. We’re talking about colon cancer. So if you have it, you’ve had it, you know someone that has it, this is an important topic that we’re going to talk about something natural that can help prevent, possibly reverse, colon cancer. So this is based off of study. I’m going to share my screen here. Right there. So we’re going to share the screen because we have a study here from the Journal of Nutrition and Cancer. Nutrition and Cancer. I’m making it a little bigger here. So what we’re talking about is the title from this Journal of Nutrition and Cancer is titled Curcumin Synergizes With Resveratrol to Inhibit Colon Cancer. So if you don’t know what curcumin and resveratrol are, they’re two natural products. Curcumin, it’s found in a spice called turmeric. And resveratrol is in different foods, especially like grapes, high in grapes. So these are two nutrients that have been found to inhibit colon cancer.

So for those of you that don’t know me, my name is Dr. Dylan Foster. I am a chiropractic physician. I am a certified functional medicine practitioner, doctor of pastoral medicine. And I’m certified in oncology and nutritional counseling. And that was a mouthful. So I’ve been practicing now since 1997. So I’ve been practicing for awhile, you can do the math. And my focus has always been on helping people. So I’m not here to talk about top treatment protocols for cancer and how to cure cancer and reverse cancer and all that stuff. I’m here to just help people have a better quality of life. And what I found over the 22, 23 years of practicing is that people that have gone through cancer treatments usually end up leaving, I shouldn’t say usually, but many of them end up leaving feeling terrible. And a lot of them go the rest of their lives feeling terrible or many, many years. And that’s unacceptable. You don’t need to feel terrible.

But more importantly, prevention is also a key component to keep that recurrence rate from coming back because you just, you don’t want to hear the word relapse. You don’t want to hear that it’s coming back and recurrences occurring. That’s just not a good word you want to hear from your oncologist. So what we need to do is learn how to do things to help minimize those risks. And so that’s why I like to talk about different research articles, because even though I’ve had a lot of training in helping people, it seems like anybody in the medical world really fufus stuff that’s natural. So for me just to talk about things I’ve learned from my research and training, it really just, people just shrug it off like it’s not scientific. So that’s why I like to read scientific articles now to help people kind of come to their own conclusion and own judgment.

So I’m just going to read from this nutrition and cancer journal. And if you want to find it, if you go to my website … So again, so I like to help people that have dealt with cancer. So I’ve developed a couple of products that help people in different ways. And I’ve made these products’ ingredients based off of the research I have done. So Post Chemo Nutrition is my website. And if you go to my website and you go to products and you click on Cell Revive, which I think I have right here. Yeah, I’ll just click on it. Cell Revive. You’ll see that Cell Revive, I have a lot of different ingredients in it. So eventually it’ll open up here, there it goes. It’s a kit. It’s not just a pill or a box you can take. It’s a kit. And each kit has many different ingredients in it. So you can see here, here’s some packets. If it finishes loading. My Internet’s going a little slow right now. Oh, or I clicked on it. That’ll help too.

So here’s different ingredients, different capsules that are in each packet. You can open them up to take them and put them in something or you can swallow them. But each one has different properties to it. So what we’re talking about is, and one of them is called Mito Cell. I’ll blow this up here real quick. So here’s Mito Cell, and we have resveratrol and curcumin. And you’ll see curcumin and resveratrol is in some of these other products right here too. It’s also in Inflam Redux. The reason I’m mentioning it’s in Mito Cell is because if we go to education, research, again, this is why I formulated my products. So read the research for Cell Revive. Click on that. When it finishes opening or loading. So we’re going to scroll down. So you can see, these are all different studies I’ve found to justify why I put these ingredients in Cell Revive product.

So as you could tell, there’s another product called Bindatox because I believe in it’s important and critical to get the toxins out of your body and heavy metals out. Because I think of it as like a hammer hitting you over the head. If it keeps hitting you, I don’t know what good it’s going to be to just keep taking some Advil or aspirin, or even put a little thin pad over it or something. It’s still going to hurt, right? So we got to take the hammer away. And I think of the toxins as that hammer that’s continuing to damage us. So I’m going to scroll down here. As you can see here, I’m scrolling down. I got dozens, probably hundreds of research articles.

I got to get to Mito Cell. Now we’re on Advanced Glutathione. More studies, vitamin D, more studies on vitamin D and cancer prevention and treatments. Mito Life, keep scrolling down. We’re not on Mito Life, we’re on Mito Cell. All right. Here’s Mito Cell, finally. So let’s go down, Mito Cell. The study that we’re looking at is right here, Curcumin Synergizes With Resveratrol to Inhibit Colon Cancer. And that is this study right here. That’s what this will bring up. Now, if we click on the full text link right here, we’ll get the whole study. Now, I’m not going to go over the whole study because I don’t want to bore you and waste your time and get into the details. So I’m just going to highlight the overview of it. So on the introduction they talk about on this study, and this, again, is from the Journal of Nutrition and Cancer. This is from 2009. And I’ll put the link actually in our information below as well.

So just first on the intro, before I go over the overview, talks about here, “Despite recent advances in medicine, mortality, or the death rate from colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide.” So colorectal cancer, some people refer to it as ass cancer, ass cancer. But it’s unacceptably high is what they’re saying here. “So therefore, the need to develop novel alternative preventative and therapeutic strategies remains an important goal.” So we need to really focus on prevention, right? And therapy, proper therapy strategies. It goes on to talk about that. “Accumulating evidence suggests that many solid tumors show upregulation or constitutive activation of multiple signaling pathways.” So these pathways are different glomerular filtration pathways. Basically, these are all different pathways that they’re finding that helps stimulate and activate different cancers, basically. Especially we’re talking in colon cancer.

So these pathways are known to promote growth, spread, or angiogenesis blood production and feeding of it, we’ll say feeding, right? So the growth, the feeding and the spreading of cancer cells. So that’s what these pathways are being found to do. So therefore, inhibition, or the stopping of these pathways or slowing them down of the signaling of them, requires a multi-targeted approach. And that’s the key today is a multi-targeted approach. You’re going to approach all these different pathways from different angles. “So noncytotoxic, natural products,” which we’re talking about curcumin and resveratrol today, “So dietary ingredients represents a logical chemo preventative and/or therapeutic approach for colorectal cancer because many of them exhibit pleiotropic properties.” So basically, these multi targeted pathways. So they have different properties and multi-targeting agents.

So that’s why we’re talking about curcumin and resveratrol. So it’s going to go in here and talking about that these pathways, these multi-signaling pathways, affect colon cancer. They’re associated with the activation of colon cancer. So therefore, we need to inhibit these signaling pathways and ideally with non-cytotoxic, natural products, natural products. In here, it talks about how curcumin, for example, has not been found to have any cytotoxicity. They have no side effects. So these natural products are a logical, preventative and/or therapeutic, they’re even talking therapy, approach for colon cancer. So in here, it talks about curcumin and resveratrol, both of which inhibit the growth of transformed cells and colon carcinogenesis. They were selected to examine whether the combining of them would be an effective preventative or therapeutic strategy for colon cancer.

So they know that them separate provide some great benefits for colon cancer, but talk about combining them, that’s what this study is about. What’s it going to do when we combine them? Is it going to be effective? Well, it says, “Indeed, the combination of curcumin and resveratrol was found to be more effective in inhibiting the growth of these.” These are basically cancer causing and promoting proteins, in different colon cancer cells. So it says it basically helps inhibit these cancer promoting cells. And it works better when they’re combined than when they’re alone. That’s what it says right here. And they also used the software, it found that the curcumin and resveratrol has a very strong synergistic effect. It goes in to talk about inhibiting the tumors and then different proteins. But the conclusion here is that our current data suggests that the combination of curcumin and resveratrol could be an effective preventative therapeutic strategy for colon cancer.

So this is another reason why, when we go to Cell Revive, why I put, in multiple components of my products, curcumin and resveratrol. There’s many other ingredients in here. Again, there’s studies for them. We’re not talking about that. But there’s many other studies that show how they help with other situations and cancers as well. So that is the reason why I have curcumin and resveratrol in our Post Chemo Nutrition line for Cell Revive. Again, there is also Bindatox in there, if you saw that. Just going to squeeze this down here. So we have our Bindatox as well, which helps pull the toxins out. And again, I have a lot of studies on Bindatox as well, and you can go and see … Oops, sorry, here. The different ingredients that are in there. I have different information on my website. I have lots of educational research on not just different types of cancer, but lifestyle information.

So my whole focus and passion, I know a lot of people, for whatever reason, just have this strong, dead set mentality against anything natural. And they just do the traditional methods. And if you just want to do the traditional, that’s fine. You’re obviously at the wrong place. But if you’re looking for natural ways for help and assistance to feel better, then Post Chemo Nutrition is the place for you where I want to help you as best as I can. I used to just feel only able to help my patients in my practice, which was much more time consuming and expensive. So I wanted to make it so I can help address everybody across the globe here. And I wanted the main things that worked. So I just made so far just two products, Cell Revive and Bindatox, because they work the best. So take advantage of it so you don’t have to do 10,000 different products and expenses.

One thing I do want to mention real quick, this is something really important. If you go to my home page on Post Chemo Nutrition, you’re going to see that we have a Post Chemo health quiz. This is very important to take because this will help rate you on a scale of 0 to 100, 100 being extremely bad, 0 being phenomenal, of where you’re at. And the reason I like to do that is because anybody that’s below a 10, you’re doing pretty good overall and you just want to really focus on diet, lifestyle, and nutrition. You don’t really need to focus on supplements so much. But if you’re above a 10, depending on the severity, the worse you are, right? So you really need extra help because diet and lifestyle is just not going to be enough, unless you’re very, very, very patient, to feel better. Meanwhile, you’re letting life just kind of pass you by and you’re feeling terrible and you’re missing out on a lot of enjoyment in life. As you know if you’ve been through cancer, is very precious and it could be very short for some people.

So let’s speed things up, let’s get you a better quicker. Take supplements for awhile. And then when you’re feeling better and you’re down below a 10, you can stop them, which is great because this is not a lifestyle long supplement. But the quiz helps guide you when that is because I’ve seen too many people that stop early and then they start going back. They maybe get down to a 14 or 15, they’re feeling great compared to how they were, so they stop. Well, next thing you know, they’re squeaking back up to a 20 to 25, 30, even 50. So then they start all over and they went through pain and frustration when they didn’t need to. So please take advantage of the health quiz.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Info@postchemonutrition. You can see it on the website. But bottom line is please take the quiz, order the product now. Every day is precious. Take advantage of today and get the product ordered. And if you have any questions again, feel free. Don’t hesitate to contact me. So again, I’m Dr. Dylan Foster of Post Chemo Nutrition. And for now, I am out of here. If I can turn this off here.


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