Discover with Dr. Foster of Post Chemo Nutrition a review of a medical study from International Immunopharmacology titled “Curcumin Induces Cell Apoptosis in Human Chondrosarcoma Through Extrinsic Death Receptor Pathway”. See the highlights and overview of this research article on how Curcumin may have some strong anticancer effects in human Chondrosarcoma cells. You can view this study by visiting


Hello everyone. I’m Dr. Dylan Foster. We’re talking today again about chondrosarcoma. That was what we talked about last time, chondrosarcoma from a case study or a scientific journal. Sorry, not a case study, a journal referencing it relating to being naturally helped with something called PQQ. Today, we’re going to relate it to another study with another ingredient called curcumin. So, most of you probably have heard of the term of curcumin, but you may not know the powerful benefits of curcumin. And that’s what we’re talking about today is how curcumin can help people with chondrosarcoma, or possibly help.

So before I get into it, we’re going to do a screen share here. And let me make me a little bit bigger. So today’s journaled article is from the International Immunopharmacology Journal, back in 2012, Volume 13 here. And it’s titled Curcumin induces cell apoptosis in human chondrosarcoma through extrinsic death receptor pathway.

So basically, what we’re saying here is that curcumin has been found to make cancer cells kill themselves, in chondrosarcoma. So that’s what our topic is today. And the reason we’re talking about that is because, as you know, or if you don’t know, again, my name is Dr. Dylan Foster. Back in 1997, I graduated from chiropractic school. Since then got certified in functional medicine and oncology nutritional counseling, as well as I got my certification as a doctor of pastoral medicine. So basically, what this means is that I have devoted my entire life, adulthood life, to doing nothing but learning, researching, continuing education on how to be and get healthy. Not on how to treat symptoms. Not how to cure diseases. I’m more looking on how do we get healthier and how do we work better?

So as the founder of Post Chemo Nutrition, which is our website right here, Post Chemo Nutrition, as the founder, I have committed myself to helping people who been through cancer and chemotherapy and are dealing with other major illness. That’s what I’ve been doing in my practice for all these years. I wanted to help on a larger scale now, and I’ve had too many patients over the years that had gone through cancer treatments, that were cancer survivors, but still felt terrible. No energy, no life, no vitality really, even though they were living. So we found that using proper nutrition and dietary lifestyle choices help them get better and feeling good. So that’s what I’ve devoted this website to. And we only have two products because these are the two best ones right now that I’ve found that we need for everybody, Cell Revive and Bindatox. Cell Revive is my product that’s used for helping with mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation, cell repair, DNA repair, things like that. And that’s what we’re talking about today.

So I’m going to click on there, it’s Cell Revive. Actually, it’s right here. So, Cell Revive has basically a mix of 60 packets, they’re AM and PM packets. So you can see here, so super easy to take. You can split them up if you want, but you take one in the morning, one in the afternoon or evening. And they have different ingredients in each packet. So the ingredients, there’s two sides to the box, but this is just one side. I’ll blow it up here. So you can see there’s different ingredients.

So last time we talked about chondrosarcoma and we were relating it to something called PQQ, right here. PQQ. Today, we’re talking about it related to curcumin and curcumin is in two of our products, one called Mito Cell and the other one called Inflam Redux. So you can see curcumin right here, turmeric, curcumin. So it’s in two of my main products that you take twice a day. The reason it’s in there is, just like all my product line, so if we go into… Let me close this down. So if we go into… Actually, I’ll show you how we get there. Go in here. Sorry, close this down here.

So if we go into education and then research, and then you’re going to bring up, eventually when it loads up here. The page, I got two products, I have research articles for each one. So what I did was, I’ve devised my products to have the most important information available and the reasons why I made them the way they are. Why I added those ingredients. So why is the different components and ingredients that are in alpha-lipoic acid and its co-factors in our Cell Revive kit. So look at all these studies. Inflam Redux, look at all these studies.

So there’s many dozens, if not over a hundred studies in here, to justify why I wanted to have the nutrients in our Cell Revive kit because I want the best. I want the most thorough. I want the most researched. And unfortunately, the best means higher quality, higher quality to get results, means more expensive too. So let’s scroll down here. We’ve got to get to Mito Life. Here we go. So we are talking about curcumin today. Curcumin, curcumin, curcumin. Or no, we’re not in Mito Life, we’re in Mito Cell. Sorry, curcumin. Let’s go down here into curcumin. Are we at curcumin, sorry. No, we are in Mito Life. Let’s go back up.

Oh, this is a PQQ. Mito Life is PQQ. Where is curcumin? Where are we at? Mito Cell. Sorry guys. So many studies, I keep getting lost with where they’re at. So I know this one. We got all this stuff here. Going over here. Here we go.

So Mito Life. Here we go. So it’s under Mito Life, right here at the top. I thought it was farther down. Oh, there. Here we go. Oh, it’s also under Inflam Redux. Curcumin, Inflam Redux. Sorry. It’s under Inflam Redux, not Mito Life. That’s where I put it. It’s too many research articles and… Which is good, right? Justify what we’re doing. But anyway, sorry.

So here is the research article. It also will be in the link below the video. So let’s go through the article of why we’re talking about it today. So here we go. I’m just going to give a brief overview. So this is in the journal from the International Immunopharmacology, Volume 13. This is back from June, 2012. So here, we’re talking about curcumin. The title is Curcumin induces cell apoptosis in human chondrosarcoma through extrinsic death receptor pathways.

So, basically what this means is curcumin helps cancerous cells kill themselves in chondrosarcoma. Helps them commit suicide, right? So the overview, I’m just going to go over the abstract on this one today. Keep it kind of short. It says, “Chondrosarcoma is a soft tissue sarcoma with a poor prognosis that is unresponsive to conventional chemotherapy. Surgical treatments leads to severe disability with high rates of local recurrence and life threat.” Very important point right there, surgical treatments lead to severe disability with high rates of local recurrence and life threat and unresponsive, typically, to conventional chemotherapy. So what do we do? Because like the other article said, we’re looking for more natural means. We’re looking for more natural ways that can do this.

And then the other research article that I talked about with chondrosarcoma is that we were talking about how natural things typically have less side effects. That’s what the article was stating, actually. They didn’t really find any side effects with the PQQ, unlike other treatment protocols, and it’s very beneficial. It has a lot of research behind it showing that it helps, just like this one will say.

The problem is, again, natural world, not so big in the United States. In fact, all the natural forums I’m in, if they’re traditional, I think the word natural is like a four letter, terrible, evil word that doesn’t have scientific research behind it. Well, go to my website, look at my page. Look at this article. There’s a lot of scientific research. The problem is in the United States, we’re really big on using pharmaceutical methods and means because, honestly, there’s a lot more money to be made and they have a huge overhead and expense that they can’t use something so easily accessible that you can just go to any store and get. Obviously, quality varies from store to store but most people aware of that. And you got to know what you’re doing so you’ve got to work with somebody that’s well trained in this.

But ultimately, natural things are being studied and being found to be very helpful. And in other countries, they’re being incorporated and used much more often than they are in the United States here. Hopefully, someday we’ll make some changes to that and we’ll get into more about helping people than making it into a business. But regardless, a lot of great oncologists out there, so please don’t think I’m disrespecting you. I respect you very much. You’ve gone through a lot of training. You have a lot of stress on your plate. So please don’t think this is disrespect. This is just that the natural world is different than the pharmaceutical world. They’re two separate entities. And I don’t claim to know all about the oncology world and the methods they use and the medications and treatment protocols. So I wouldn’t expect an oncologist to think they know all about the natural world either because they typically haven’t been trained in it.

So let’s go in here. Curcumin is an active compound. If you don’t know this, it’s in turmeric and curry. It gives that yellow coloring. But what it’s saying here is it’s been proven to induce tumor apoptosis and inhibit tumor proliferation, invasion, angiogenesis and metastasis of cancerous cells. So what are we saying here? I mean, this is pretty powerful right here. Curcumin has a lot of benefits on helping people with self-destructing tumors, inhibiting the growth of more tumors and spreading of them and spreading of cancerous cells. The angiogenesis, the extra blood flow that’s getting in there to help them grow even faster, it helps stop that. So there’s so many benefits that they’re saying, according to this study, that curcumin has been found to help with.

And then it goes to say that, so they tested two main types of chondrosarcoma cells in this study, which is good. The JJ012 and the SW1353, those are the main chondrosarcoma cells. The last study I read, we just did the SW1353, I believe, was just that study. But those are the main ones they use in testing because these are cancer cells. But they did not test it. In here, it says on primary chondrocytes. It gets into the conclusion here on this is that it says, “Most importantly, animal studies revealed a dramatic 60% reduction in tumor volume after 21 days of treatment.” 60% of tumor reduction after 21 days of treatment. And it goes on to say, “That curcumin may be a novel anticancer agent for the treatment of chondrosarcoma.” So this is a study. There’s many more studies of curcumin helping, and this is from 2012. There’s been many more since then, many more before then.

Crazy part is, I don’t hear of any doctor, a medical doctor, using curcumin. I’ll occasionally some natural doctors using it in their treatment. But, for me, I’m not talking about treating cancer. I’m not talking about curing cancer. This is just a review of this study from International Immunopharmacology, going over what they’re talking about with curcumin. So please, know that there’s always more studies that need done and I don’t know if there’ll ever be enough to justify the natural stuff. But either way, more studies need done and everybody’s different. Every situation is different. Obviously, see your primary physician, your oncologist, if you have any questions or concerns. I am not claiming by any shape, means or form or factor that our Cell Revive product and Bindatox product from Post Chemo Nutrition, our website, has anything to do with curing, preventing cancer because we don’t have the studies done. We don’t have the millions of dollars to spend on studies. And it’s all natural, so you can’t patent it anyway. So it wouldn’t be wise to spend millions of dollars when everybody else can benefit with zero cost.

So, with that being said, this is not FDA approved. Just take this as educational purposes only. Use us as your own deciding brain factor function, if you will. Whatever you want to call it. But ultimately, I want you to think for yourselves. That’s my goal. I want you to see that there is natural research out there. I want you to see there are natural ways to help you with whatever you’ve been dealing with when it comes to cancer. And as you know, if you don’t already know, I am going to be regularly talking about different research articles related to different forms of cancers and prevention, things like that, but all through different studies or even medical books.

So please follow along with me here at Post Chemo Nutrition, on our Facebook page or our YouTube page. And I’m just going to regularly just reiterate different natural means of addressing cancer. So for now, again, I’m Dr. Dylan Foster. God bless. Take care. And I will see and talk to you soon.


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